About Cotton

Recycled cotton
The exclusive patent in Kyoto for the recycled sustainable cotton

During the general process of harvesting cotton and making cotton threads with antiquated textile machinery, a large number of cotton wool, seeds and dust will be wasted and are discarded on the ground.

 Hinges on the exclusive patented technology developed by the Kyoto team, which is useful in collecting cotton waste and regenerating it into recycled, sustainable cotton, the product quality is delightful beyond expectation. The fallen batting usually has a short fibre, which means having more places for connection. Thus, the garment will then have a natural and layered texture, making it softer and more comfortable.

 In order to make good use of such distinctive eco-friendly cotton, we refer to the sewing methods of the 1970s and 1980s, which emphasis the sewing position. First, the hem is fixed by basting, then sewn with a straight-chain needle, and lastly, the initial basting thread is removed. The quaint texture is essential in preserving the value of Japanese craftsmanship.

Furthermore, we are all aware that environmental protection design must be parallel with durability and practicality. Therefore, we deliberately use two needles to sew the neckband so as to reduce the degree of material deformation. We focus on environmental protection and think from the users’ perspective, would never waste anymore.