About MIURA Project

MIURA project has been officially established in 2021 Spring. We globally invite different artists to print their art pieces into a high-quality Art Tee. If you are an art lover or a fashion holic, you should seize the opportunity in a limited time to order MIURA Art Tee by your favourite designer. MIURA Art Tee is made of its own recycled and eco-friendly cotton combined with Japan Kyoto’s printing and dyeing process. Thus, it becomes an artwork that can be worn.

MIURA Project was founded by well-known fashion buyer Terence Tong. He has a lot of experience in fashion appreciation. Since Terence is especially fascinated by Japanese traditional crafts and culture, he deliberately uses the factory in Kyoto, Japan, for production. Moreover, transforming the artworks of different artists worldwide into highquality handmade MIURA Art Tee.

Integration of art, environmental protection and fashion

MIURA Project expects the products can integrate into a lifestyle. At the same time, we are sharing art and fulfilling environmental protection.

We use our brand’s recycled cotton to print out all the high-quality MIURA Art Tee from the illustrations of different artists worldwide.

Thus, supporters are able to enjoy “Practical and Durable artwork” at a relatively affordable price. Also, your admired artists can increase their income.

Pre-Order in limited time

On the MIURA Project platform, artists can launch their pre-order projects by uploading their designs and sharing their design inspiration. The project will be open for global reservations within 45 days. The production will proceed once reaching the first 100 pre-orders.

After the 45-day reservation period, all purchased orders will be produced and delivered to the Kyoto manufacturing plants and the profit margin will be split with the artists. As MIURA will produce each collection once only after a limited-time reservation, it has a unique collection value.